Moon Empowerment Journey

The one day in-person healing and empowerment journey.

The glow in your smile. The look in your eye. Those moments that make you.

silhouette of lady behind lace curtain wearing black lingerie

Connection, Confidence and Creativity.

Taking the time out of our busy schedules to connect with you, to relax and energise.

Safe, supported and respected.

Connecting with your heart, soul and the earth.

Courage is a skill like anything else, and when you can practice taking small steps of courage, you can learn to take bigger steps, as any beautiful Goddess would.

Month Long Moon Empowerment Journey includes:

One Month Pathway


  • 4 Online Intuitive Coaching, Healing and Meditation Sessions.
  • One 180 minute in-person Healing and Empowerment Session
    • Including Ceremony, Cacao, Guided Meditation and Visualisation, Breathwork, Reiki, Laughter, home grown and foraged smudges, crystals and oils;
    • Photography and Professional Posing Guidance;
    • Outdoor Picnic, nibbles, water and sun shelter.
  • One in person photo reveal and 60 min minute post session coaching and healing call (within 21 days) where we further deepen your connection to earth and your heart.
  • One month of weekly gifts in your inbox including guided meditations, visualisations and journal prompts
  • $250 credit to your product packages and intuitively chosen gift bag.

Send me a message or email to get in touch to chat about your month long journey.

Month Long Pathway