The Courageous Project is the brain child of Perth based Photographer, Coach and Healer Laine Maria

In 2020, Laine realised she could bring all her tools and experiences together to make a massive impact on the world for the things that she is passionate about.

One of her biggest passions is mental health and the path we all take to grow and heal. Being courageous is one of her core values, stepping up when it’s difficult. Helping others to feel connected, confident and creative.

So the idea to gift photoshoots to tell mental health stories was born.

The initial response was massive. So a tribe was launched. A community.

The goal of this tribe is to empower 50000 cis and trans women, womyn, as well as non-binary to be the most confident and connected version of themselves, live exactly how they want to live, by empowering them to inhale courage and to learn how to exhale fear.

By creating a tribe, we as a collective can grow this movement and support each other in the process bringing awareness to mental health, self worth, confidence, and the importance of freedom to be yourself.

We sincerely believe that this is important because way too many people struggle feel like they’re not beautiful, are too sensitive and emotional or just feel like they should be better but don’t know why.

There is a big vision, to impact lives around the world but it all starts right here.

We would love for you to click on the link above and become a foundational member of this tribe by requesting to join the group. I will be providing resources, tools and techniques to be feel confident within yourself, calm, connected and courageous.

A big focus will be exploring different modalities with special guests so you can learn new things to experience and explore.

We do a free weekly meditation and energy healing, all welcome to join us.

Plus we will be running events, workshops and retreats so that we don’t simply become another online community, but a true community that hangs out with one another. If you would like to become a member of our free group then click this link to join.

We can’t wait for us, for you, for me, to make a bigger impact in the lives of people who want to live, be and feel courageous, to learn how to inhale courage and exhale fear. We will see you in the tribe!