Welcome to my page


I’m a passionate Trainer and Coach, Wellness Advocate and Reiki Practitioner with a deep background in health and safety and training in various male dominated industries for over 15 years. I have a passion for mental health and at the core of my work is to facilitate bringing you back into alignment with who you really are and connect you with your own empowering goals.  I have a deep passion for creating space for others, particularly men, to connect to themselves, walk through the shadows of deep change, to be truly honest and live life from the heart. 

Since I was a child, I have just wanted to be of service to others. I grew up in the hills of Perth, in a single parent family with my Mum and my Brother, I love being outdoors getting my feet dirty. I was always curious about my spirituality and natural alternatives but never really explored.

Im also a Photographer. A Mum. A Facilitator. A Curious Explorer. A Kinkster. A bit sarcastic and rough around the edges… I like my coffee black and my bourbon neat. I am a creative at heart and sometimes I come apart at the edges. 

Ive always had depression and anxiety

Struggling through my life with depression and anxiety then going through marriage separation with a 2 year old daughter, in 2017 I had a massive mental break down, completely letting go of childhood coping mechanisms that no longer served me, I started by discovering my core values and spirituality in my process of healing. I uncovered secrets about myself, it was exciting and scary at the same time, and I became stronger and better able to cope with lifes ups and downs.

One day I walked into a Reiki class not knowing what the hell I was doing there but walked out knowing that I had to do more of it.

It was this acknowledgement that energy is all around us, that made be able to move further forward. Dating on Tinder (yes!) I fell in love with a gorgeous ex-Army man who had PTSD and struggled a lot with it, his actions hurting not only me but the people around him. As I learnt more about PTSD I seemed to meet many other people with mental health struggles and I started to learn all that I could.

Welcome friend.

Soon enough another amazing man close to me said he felt incredibly comfortable talking to me, sharing things from his past he hadn’t told anyone. The acknowledgement of this trust made me realise that I had to do more with that skill, and all my skills – to create a space where people can be heard and supported, to help them in their healing.

So I set out to find an amazing new mentor, and help fill the gap between meds and psych on a holistic level and make life better for not only my clients but the people around them too. I found my deepest passion where I can be me: creative, fun, friendly, of service and still crack a few jokes on the way. I am constantly learning and planning on incorporating the healing power of BDSM into my work through furthering my skills with Pro-Domme training as well as completing my Reiki Masters.

I made a point of making my passions my work, so I can share my unique skills, experience, qualifications and passions with others and to create a work life I loved, that I embraced and didn’t need to escape from. Life is leading me in this direction and no matter how much I have tried to resist it, it was always meant to be.

Sometimes I am a mess – being a creative means I want to do ALL THE THINGS NOW. I still have ups and downs, but following my heart AND DOING THE WORK as lead me here, happier and healthier than ever before, doing things every day I love.

To be of service.

To kiss my daughters at 2am when they are their most peaceful…. and quiet…

To drink bourbon and talk shit on the couch watching the racing even though I have no idea whats really going on.

When can we talk?

I love to hear your story and to deeply uncover your secrets, kindly, respectfully, but challenge you and hold you in a safe space to learn, grow and heal, to connect to yourself, walk through the shadows of deep change, to be truly honest and live life from the heart.