The details.

The glow in your smile. The look in your eye. Those moments that make you.

silhouette of lady behind lace curtain wearing black lingerie

Connection, Confidence and Creativity.

Taking the time out of our busy schedules to connect with you, to relax and energise. Safe, supported and respected. Ill make you giggle and smile and peek over the top of your favourite shirt. Real moments.

Coaching and Supporting.

Real moments. Slowly guiding you through capturing the little things.

I am a hands on photographer, I’m there with you in the moment. Constantly guiding you on how to move, angles, position, even adjusting your clothes.

Holding the space for you to relax and step outside your comfort zone.

·     Courageous Photo Offerings

  • Professional Photographers time and talent;
  • 1 hour shoot in one location;
  • 5 images of your choice, with the ability to purchase more for $19 each;
  • Pre-shoot call or video chat, coaching, inspiration and creative design;
  • Wardrobe assistance and styling;
  • In-shoot posing and movement tips to ensure we get the best shots of you;
  • Includes some props – to be discussed before hand to ensure we make the most of the space you have;
  • Private password protected online gallery for viewing and downloading;
  • High resolution JPEG files for print;
  • Low resolution JPEG files for web;
  • Access to discounted prints and products;
  • All the brain storming, chatting and excitment you want, with me, in the lead up to your shoot;
  • BYO Hair and Make up – or I can send you some recommendations;
  • Investment: $220.

Send me a message or email to get in touch to chat about your shoot!